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              Shanghai NuoShen Food Trading CO.,LTD

              Shanghai nuoshen trading development Co., LTD. Is invested and established by Shanghai nuoshen food trading Co., LTD.,which was established in 2001.Shanghai nuoshen provides international natural, healthy and nutritious food raw materials, functional food ingredients and new food raw materials for China's food industry.It has become a long-term and stable strategic partner with Arla, Lesaffre, MATSUTANI,India RC group, ADM, TAIYO KAGAKU and other international famous food enterprises.

              Products:series of whey protein, series of Psyllium Husk powder,series of modified starch, probiotics,Fermented Fruit and Vegetable Powder,Nutritional fortified yeast series,resistant dextrin,Sun?ber R,Pomegranate juice powder,SUNAMLA PD-1,Tibetan blood wheat flour,etc.We  commit to China's dairy products, health food, nutritional food, baking food, and other fields to provide brand raw materials , product formula designing and the entire case services, etc.

              Our Products
              • Nutritional Yeast
              • Intensive Yeast
              • β-glucan
              • α-Lactalbumin
              • Milk Mineral
              • CPP
              • Other WPC
              Matsutani Chemical
              • Fibersol-2
              Matsutani Chemical
              • AM-1
              • QQ-1
              • PQ-2
              • Wheat Dietary Fiber
              • Apple Dietary Fiber
              • Oat Dietary Fiber
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